Thermal imaging

Whether it’s part of reactive maintenance or as a preventative measure, we provide thermal imaging for public and private sector clients in a wide variety of locations and environments.

The Latymer School image of electrical installation seen through thermal imaging camera

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DSA Electrical’s thermal imaging cameras can identify any circuit hot spots which might indicate a risk of premature failure. Thorough understanding of, and experience in interpreting the images is critical to presenting the client with accurate advice and information.
Following the survey, clients are presented with two reports: the first details areas of concern that require further investigation and the second details satisfactory locations. The client is then in an informed position to work with us to prioritise and plan any remedial works that need to be undertaken.

Case Study: The Latymer School

The Lateral Mains cables at The Latymer School were approaching 70 years old. The school needed to identify any high risk cables that were in danger of malfunction. The client could then conduct a risk assessment to determine which elements needed to be addressed as a priority. Being an educational setting, safeguarding, access and business continuity were all important factors in the project.
DSA Electrical used our thermal imaging cameras to identify any hot spots which might indicate a risk of premature failure.  The Latymer School Case Study

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