Thermal Imaging

The Latymer School, Edmonton

In 2019, having previously undertaken a full EICR for the school, DSA Electrical were commissioned to undertake thermal imaging services for The Latymer School in Edmonton.

DSA Electrical Engineer using thermal imaging camera on fuse board

The Challenge

The Lateral Mains cables at The Latymer School were approaching 70 years old. The school needed to identify any high risk cables that were in danger of malfunction. The client could then conduct a risk assessment to determine which elements needed to be addressed as a priority. Being an educational setting, safeguarding, access and business continuity were all important factors in the project.

The Latymer School image of electrical installation

The Solution

DSA Electrical used our thermal imaging cameras to identify any hot spots which might indicate a risk of premature failure. A full survey of the electrical distribution system was undertaken and a programme of planned maintenance and upgrades was developed in partnership with the client.

The Latymer School image of electrical installation seen through thermal imaging camera

The Outcome

The client was able to avoid an unplanned electrical failure, while successfully budgeting and planning for the necessary repair and upgrade works over the coming years. The works can be scheduled at a convenient time to the school, ensuring the academic schedule remains uninterrupted.