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We specialise in being at the cutting edge of lighting design and helping out clients to reduce their maintenance costs.

Lighting Schemes

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DSA electrical can design and install new lighting installations or replace existing fittings. Whether you’re a housing landlord, a commercial or industrial business, DSA Electrical can offer innovative lighting solutions to meet the needs of your property’s users. Working with various leading manufacturers of LED lighting technology, we can help our clients achieve significant cost savings by switching to high performance, energy efficient and low maintenance lighting.

Tendring District Council

Case Study: Kate Daniels House

Kate Daniels House is a sheltered housing scheme in Weeley, Essex. The scheme consists of 30 flats and is owned and managed by Tendring District Council. The existing lighting at Kate Daniels House comprised of 5’ Twin Fluorescent lights which were coming to the end of their serviceable life. Tendring District Council were incurring increasing maintenance costs on call out charges to keep the lights in service. New external lighting was also required. Being a sheltered scheme, there were additional challenges
around safeguarding and access. Kate Daniels House case study

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