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DSA Electrical’s highly skilled Qualified Supervisors are trained and experienced in providing Expert Witness services.

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Providing Expert Witness services goes beyond just being experts in the field. Expert Witnesses need to be able to clearly present complicated technical information in an impartial and comprehensible manner, produce appropriate written reports and have familiarity with the various civil or criminal court rules. Our Qualified Supervisors are both technically competent and trained specifically in providing Expert Witness services.
We also offer Expert Witness services to clients, solicitors and third parties, providing an expert, independent electrical opinion in court.

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Case Study: Basildon Borough Council

Basildon Borough Council, a long standing client, was struggling to gain access to one of their properties, despite numerous court appearances and significant time and money spent by their legal team. DSA Electrical were appointed to assist, and our Qualified Supervisor attended court, acting as a technical advisor to the Court. As a direct result, the Council won the case and were granted access to their property, potentially saving thousands of pounds in additional legal fees. Basildon Borough Council Case Study

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DSA Electrical Qualified Supervisor and trained Expert Witness Steven Ellis
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