Thorlux Scanlight Emergency Lighting to Hospital

15th February 2017

Work continues maintaining emergency lighting at hospital

Since November 2015 we have been maintaining the emergency lighting at a leading, local healthcare provider located in Essex.

Emergency lighting in public buildings needs to be installed in case the normal illumination in the building fails due to an interruption to the power supply. The emergency lights, powered by rechargeable batteries, will then be initiated, providing light to the quickest and safest escape routes. Emergency lighting is of vital importance in a hospital where there are so many vulnerable people at risk. In the event of an incident which requires people to evacuate the hospital quickly, doors and escape routes must be illuminated. Our client has taken their duty of care very seriously and has invested in an emergency lighting system designed not only to adequately illuminate all escape routes, but will monitor each individual emergency light and report upon its performance.

The Thorlux Scanlight system has been installed in the hospital since 2008. The system is automatic and combines a number of technologies including LEDs, mobile communications and the internet which eliminates the time taken for inspection. The off-site monitoring capability is a huge positive as it allows us to test the emergency lights remotely from our office. With the hospital having over 1,800 emergency lights to maintain we find the monthly reports (1 hour tests) and the yearly reports (3 hourly tests) extremely useful when planning works to the emergency lighting system. From these reports we are able to supply our engineer at the hospital with the location and condition of each failing luminaire so he can then replace the battery. Emergency lights which are near to failing will be programmed into our schedule increasing efficiency. The battery life of the emergency light will usually last between 3-4 years so we are constantly in a cycle of replacing batteries.