Renewal of VIR Lateral Mains

CHP, Chelmsford

CHP is a housing association based in Chelmsford, Essex which manages 10,000 homes for over 20,000 customers.

VIR Lateral Mains

The Challenge

In 2016, CHP contracted DSA Electrical to replace the VIR Lateral Mains cables supplying 88 two story residential blocks. The process was initially relatively straightforward, however, in two blocks the consumer units were located at very low level, deep inside corner kitchen cupboards that caused distress to residents as the boards were almost impossible to reach, and it was especially difficult in the event of a tripped circuit breaker which needed to be reset to restore power or lighting.

The Solution

DSA Electrical worked closely with the client and with residents programme the works and ensure all parties understood the process. The problematic consumer unites were moved to more accessible locations, with alterations made to the kitchens to accommodate this. In one case, we worked with the resident to redesign her kitchen, putting up an additional wall unit and installing a longer worktop to accommodate her fridge at no extra cost.

The Outcome

The VIR Lateral mains cables were replaced on time and on budget with no unscheduled disruptions and minimal inconvenience to residents.