Circuit tracing

We can identify a single circuit right up to an entire installation and we provide schematic drawings of our findings.

Circuit Tracing Example

Finding Solutions

When unidentified circuits are a problem, schematic drawings are absent or circuit charts are not available, we can trace any socket, light or item of equipment to the fuseboard and circuit breaker that feeds it without any interruption of supply. Using our own bespoke equipment, we guarantee 100% accuracy.

Unidentified circuits
Schematic drawings absent
No circuit charts available
Where installation would be sensitive to being switched


Case Study: Broomfield Pathology Department

Broomfield Pathology Department as part of testing lack of circuit charts and sensitivity of area to carry out full circuit tracing to pathology department prior to testing.
Successfully identifying circuits
Carrying out inspection and test to circuit in a safe with no unscheduled interruption to cictuiss without prior consultation with department. Broomfield Pathology Case Study

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